Call AI Model Client-Side No Backend

Backend-as-a-Service for AI startups.
Code on your Front End and use PolyFact's Unified LLMs API, Vector embeddings, Authentification, Rate limiting and Billing.

Build faster and focus on your product

Use the PolyFact JavaScript SDK and code all the AI logic of your app on the Front End. It is easy to use and works in all browsers.

3 ways you save time with PolyFact

One client-side codebase

No Backend Code

With PolyFact unified API and the client-side sessions, you don't have to code a backend for your keys and logic. You can access any model we support from a Front End, and pay for usage without the need to setup multiple accounts.

One API to rule them all

Centralized Models API & Billing

You code client side with the PolyFact SDK (Front End, React Native, etc.). Its one codebase directly in your product UX, one account for all APIs, models and cloud services, one invoice for all your costs, one to rule them all. You save a lot of time.

Usage-based payments

Accept Payments on Day 1

On day 1, you can start charging your users based on their usage, so you can start with a healthy business model on even for your experiments. LLMs costs are so high, we think it's worth it to try to monetize quickly the app you're building.

Hacker, it's time to build.

Make an AI app today in a couple hours, and see how many people are willing to pay for it.

$5 of free API credits every month.

Get started

What some people built

Everything in PolyFact is designed to be quick and easy. Indie Hackers want to ship fast. PolyFact is built for Indie Hackers.

    • People in a Box is an AI Experiment... Simulate a conversation between 2 people using PolyFact AI SDK.

      Project Link
      15 y.o. Replit influencer
    • A very simple agent that can search on wikipedia and perform basic calculations.

      Project Link
      Hacker at PolyFact
    • @Voice2Article is a telegram bot that transform an audio recording of you rambling about a random subject into a complete blog articles.

      Project Link
      Hacker at PolyFact
    • A CLI tool for automatically generating TODO comments in your JavaScript and Python code files. This tool scans through your code, recognizes areas for improvement, and inserts insightful TODO comments at the top of your files.

      Project Link
      15 y.o. Replit influencer
    • TalkWithCode is an intelligent VSCode extension designed to transform the way you interact with your codebase. It provides an intuitive, conversational interface that lets you ask questions directly to your codebase.

      Project Link
      Hacker at PolyFact, Bitcoin Maximalist

Simple pricing, for everyone.

We let you use some things for free, and then you can pay a monthly subscriptions to increase your rate limits.



  • Unlimited LLaMa
  • $5 worth of GPT-3.5 credits
  • Vector Store
  • Authentication
  • Logs
  • Payments
Start for free



  • Everything in the free plan
  • GPT-4
  • Image Generation
  • Audio transcription
  • Cohere
  • $10 worth of API usage
Start hacking



  • Everything in the Hacker Plan
  • GPT-5 (no, just kidding)
  • Unlimited API calls
Buy credits

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, join our Discord, ask your question, and someone will help you.

    • Why should I use PolyFact?

      PolyFact will save you time. Working directly with our API, you don't have to setup AI backend services. You can just use models, and our other services by calling on your frontend. It just works.

    • How is it different than something like LangChain?

      LangChain requires you to setup a backend. They went for maximum 'composability', and so they integrated everything. But the result is that your code becomes quickly complicated and hard to maintain. You can use PolyFact directly from your frontend, and we went for maximum 'simplicity'. That way, you don't pile up technical debt and build much faster.

    • Do you handle billing for OpenAI and other APIs?

      Yes. We handle billing for all the APIs and services we support. You only need to charge your PolyFact account with credits, and you can forget about that admin stuff with other providers.

    • What is planned for the future?

      We want to make the client-side experience even better and simpler, support all the best models and services people building AI apps want to use, and make it very easy for devs to accept payments from their users, even without a Stripe account.

    • How does the client-side work?

      On your client code (e.g. Front End), you create a user session. It's like a login. And then, our client SDK uses the returned session token to authenticate and rate limit calls to our API. We are working on ways to integrate with the existant authentifiaction providers you might already use. Reach out if you want to make the integration yourself!

    • Are you paying for GPT-4 & others costs?

      No. In the Free Plan, you can make unlimited LLaMa calls & get $5 of GPT-3.5 credits a month. But for GPT-4, you need to get on the Hacker Plan or charge your account with API credits.

    • What are similar products or analogies?

      We like to think that what we are building is like Firebase but for AI apps. Firebase is a managed backend that became very popular among app and webapp developers for its simplicity. We want to do the same for AI apps.

    • Are you open source?

      Yes! Check out our GitHub. The API is completely open source, as well as - necessarily - the client-side SDK. Feel free to poke around and contribute!